Vote 4 Nelson

The election of Representatives, the servants, stewards, and leaders of our nation, is of utmost importance in civilian life. Voting is a great duty and privilege, but why do so many people not vote?

Is it because some people feel that their vote does not really matter or count for change? I have felt that way before, and I think that most Americans probably have too.

Visit: This is the website for the Federal Election Commission. They track campaign donations for all current candidates, as well as currently-elected officials. You will see:

1) All of your elected Representatives are multi-millionaires.

2) The same billion-dollar corporations give extravagantly to both Democrats of Republicans.

No matter who wins most elections, the real winners are the lobbyists. Ds and Rs do not call the shots; they are mostly sold out.

Aflac, Boeing, AMA, McKesson, JP Morgan Chase, these are who really win the elections, and they are the real interests being represented in Washington. That is why these billion-dollar corporations received nearly 90% of the trillions printed to help COVID recovery. Of course, the money mostly just padded profits.

From endless war to endless disease, this phony representation is a root of so many of our national and global issues.

So, whether you vote for R or D, regardless whether the politician promises free markets or free healthcare.. the same faceless, nameless people are really calling the shots, inflating the money supply, devaluing our currency, and keeping newly “eased” dollars for themselves.

But there is hope. We should not give up on thinking, speaking, or voting, but perhaps we should give up on the two old parties.

We should at least give new people and ideas a chance.

I do not say “new ideas” because some of our ideas are not new. They are the old ideas which ushered Revolution and created a Constitution which lead to one of the most peaceful and prosperous civilizations in human history. Unfortunately, some of those ideas have been on a sharp decline now for about 100 years, ideas like freedom in the marketplace, integrity of money, and a government that is by and for the people.

As bad as our current state of affairs may be, there is hope.

It is time to pay attention to people who are trying against the odds, working desperately for change. They are out there, and they are many, but you mostly will not find them on TV. When elections are decided by a real plurality of the people, then we will have more accurate representation!

Research! Find out who the candidates really are. There is a lot more to life than Donkeys and Elephants!