Privacy Policy

I cannot guarantee your privacy, yet.

The United States’ government, and various foreign governments too, all practice widespread surveillance on the internet.

Besides Facebook and Google sharing your information and behavior with government agencies, large corporations like Verizon and AT&T have literally been recording your words, words which intelligence agencies form into word-searchable databases.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

Words you write, the photos you share, even the sound of your keyboard typing, these may all be seen, heard, and recorded by your government, should you be so targeted. Even if you are not targeted, there is no guarantee that some horny employee at the NSA is not getting off somewhere as he browses your content. Keep in mind: individuals hired by intelligence agencies often have a background in hacking. If not hackers, then those working for the NSA are at least made to understand technological exploitation by way of cyber security training. The US Government is one of the greatest, most-powerful, and most unaccountable governments ever.


I affirm to do my best to uphold the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution which says that our personal effects shall be protected from and not violated but unreasonable searches and seizures. It specifically says that warrants must describe specific places, persons and things to be searched/seized.

Besides “Papers,” the 4th Amendment also was written to protect your “Houses.” This means that property taxation which threatens possession and ownership of your home is unconstitutional.

I am sorry that our Democratic and Republican leaders are so abusive in these regards. Even “anti-establishment” Donald Trump says that he prefers “security” and says that we should “expect that someone is listening” when on the phone.

Click here for information on how the NSA collects limitless data on all Americans:

Evidence that some NSA employees do unethically violate intimate privacy click here:

Click here: for an hour-long Edward Snowden Documentary on Youtube

The day that more than 75% of people decide to vote on election day, or at least when 34% of voters decide to dump the duopoly and vote for the independent people who are not supported by million-dollar corporations, then we may regain Privacy in America.