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PRESS RELEASE 10/27/2020

IL Congressman runs, but cannot hide
Libertarian challenger offers fresh ideas
Who is Where on Election Night?

Raja Krishnamoorthi declined to participate in the League of Women Voters Candidate forum, which would have presented challenger Preston Nelson a great opportunity to share his ideas to reform healthcare to be more effective, affordable, and accessible; ideas to reform national agricultural policy to promote local businesses that provide healthy and sustainable food; ideas to reform foreign policy in order to better serve Americans; ideas to lower the national deficit; and plans to defeat COVID19.

Media coverage thus far for Nelson’s 2020 campaign has been sparse, so many residents are unaware of the grassroot campaign that they will see on the Nov. 3 ballot.

Nelson’s team is doing all they can to reach as many people as possible, including: radio appearances, TV advertisements, social media activity, and spending every day meeting hundreds and thousands of constituents.

“Almost everyone I meet agrees entirely with my comprehensive plan to Make America HEALTHY Again–Saving Lives, and Dollars too, by ‘Flipping the Farm Bill,'” said Preston Nelson, candidate for US Congress from the 8th district. “I have other plans, too. I would like to pass Justin Amash’s “Ending Qualified Immunity Act,” and Rand Paul’s “Justice for Breonna Taylor Act” in order to protect America’s minorities, and to hold law-enforcement accountable when they abuse the rights of citizens. Both of these bills are central to affirming that our lives really do matter. If congressional Democrats really believe that black lives matter too, then they should hastily vote on Amash’s bill. Unfortunately, they have stalled, and neither does Raja support it, so I can only wonder about Congress’ sincerity for BLM.”

Google will reveal that Raja is accepting support and money from Indian political extremists that are massacring minorities in his country of origin. The Indian RSS has numerous branch-organizations, including the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, which is a religious militant organization, according to our CIA. While Raja will not condemn, or even mention the rampant religious persecution in India, he does happily speak at RSS events, even when they are boycotted by other congresspeople.

“Silence is violence,” said Nelson, “but Raja’s affiliation with extremists is not his only major issue in play.”

Joe Gallo, mayor of Rolling Meadows, has major concerns about members of his community being exposed to asbestos by United Airlines. Gallo sought to meet with Krishnamoorthi in order to bring the issue to the attention of federal regulators in OSHA and the EPA. For over a year, Krishnamoorthi declined to meet Mayor Gallo. Although Raja was absent, a meeting finally happened on October 21 between Raja’s staff, Mayor Gallo, and others with first-hand knowledge of the criminal acts. Despite receiving irrefutable evidence over many months preceding the meeting, the Krishnamoorthi team was acted oblivious, and has not acted as of this document’s publication date, despite the fact that the asbestos hazard remains to this day. Raja Krishnamoorthi has received thousands of dollars in campaign donations from United Airline’s PAC.

“I am so sorry that justice is so denied,” said Preston Nelson. “The truth is hardly told. Whether it is illegal asbestos abatement at United Airlines, our federal government spending millions of dollars on weapons for Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria and Yemen, the reality of the 9/11 report’s 28 pages, or the acceptance of foreign election interference by nearly everyone in Washington’s establishment, we, the people, cannot rely on anyone in the mainstream to tell us the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

“Nevertheless, I will continue fighting until the American people receive as much attention and representation as the corporations currently do. I will continue fighting until the troops are brought home, the wars are ended, the budget is balanced, and peace can prevail. I will fight for everyone to have affordable, high-quality healthcare, to protect our rights to privacy and property, and to make our streets safer for everyone. I will not stop until the government prioritizes agricultural policy for healthy, natural, sustainable food, instead of junk food. I will fight against for our Democracy, and against foreign interference in our elections.”

Due to the uncertainties of Illinois governance now, Nelson’s election night plans are not being disclosed.

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