Any politician not talking about the wars is hiding something. That something might be thousands of dollars in campaign donations from military industrial contractors. The military industrial complex is now making record profits, even as our nation is in record debt, spending more money than ever.

War is the worst subject, and also the most expensive.

George Bush’s and Barack Obama’s wars have left us trillions of dollars in debt, money that could have been better spent preparing for a pandemic, or simply given back to the people who paid it. The wars have also killed over a million people, innocent civilians and Americans who signed up to defend their nation, only to be sent to the other side of the globe. Millions more foreigners, and Americans have been hurt, widowed, and orphaned by the wars.

What if we do not fight them there, and they do not come over here? What if those who committed 9/11 were not ragtag Afghan “terrorists,” but they were actually Saudi Arabians who were trained, funded, and led by members of the Saudi government? This is the truth, according to the bipartisan 9/11 report.

Both Barack Obama and Donald Trump campaigned on an end to the wars, but your current 8th district congressional representative, Raja Krishnamoorthi voted to continue the war in Syria. How will you vote?

Vote for Peace.