Make America Healthy Again

Our nation is in the middle of an epidemic greater than COVID19. This epidemic has been decades in the making. Over half a century ago, our federal government began nationalizing our food supply. This nationalization makes us vulnerable, because now a disruption to just one major producer can result in food shortages for millions of people. We just witnessed this, as the price of most foods in America increased in response to COVID.

A diet heavy in processed carbohydrates, white sugar, preservatives, dyes, unnatural hormones, and animal antibiotics, this has been the effect national food policy has had on most Americans. We now spend over $4 trillion on healthcare every year, mostly to treat PREVENTABLE disease.

It does not have to be this way, actually, we cannot allow this to continue. COVID is proof that we desperately need a change in farm policy. If we are to subsidize food, then subsidies should be given to local natural farms, instead of only for corporate factory farms. But even if we just get the government out of the food supply, supply and especially demand will prefer and favor fresh and local food!

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End The Wars

Any politician not talking about the wars is hiding something. That something might be thousands of dollars in campaign donations from military industrial contractors. The military industrial complex is now making record profits, even as our nation is in record debt, spending more money than ever.

War is the worst subject, and also the most expensive.

George Bush’s and Barack Obama’s wars have left us trillions of dollars in debt, money that could have been better spent preparing for a pandemic, or simply given back to the people who paid it. The wars have also killed over a million people, innocent civilians and Americans who signed up to defend their nation, only to be sent to the other side of the globe. Millions more foreigners, and Americans have been hurt, widowed, and orphaned by the wars.

What if we do not fight them there, and they do not come over here? What if those who committed 9/11 were not ragtag Afghan “terrorists,” but they were actually Saudi Arabians who were trained, funded, and led by members of the Saudi government? This is the truth, according to the bipartisan 9/11 report.

Both Barack Obama and Donald Trump campaigned on an end to the wars, but your current 8th district congressional representative, Raja Krishnamoorthi voted to continue the war in Syria. How will you vote?

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Represent The People

Currently, billion-dollar corporations hire lobbyists who undermine your interests. They spend millions of dollars to re-elect establishment politicians who will vote for establishment policies. This is great for the military-industrial complex, the pharmaceutical-industrial complex, the banking-industrial complex, the agricultural-industrial complex, and every other complex that is bankrupting our nation… But it is bad for us, the actual people.

The best way to fix this is to stop voting for politicians who receive millions of dollars from the lobbyists and their PACs.

See Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi’s campaign contributions at the website of the Federal Election Commission.

I will represent real people, and you too. First, I will vote against any legislation that does not allow members of Congress and their constituents at least 72 hours to review. Second, I will post every piece of legislation on a website where you can speak your thoughts. Finally, I simply will not accept corporate money.

Vote to Restore Real Representation for Real People.

Lower Taxes

I am Libertarian, so you can rest assured that I will never raise your taxes. Other politicians make similar promised, only the break them. Now try putting a Libertarian in office, and just see what happens.

In order to cut taxes, we will have to close corporate tax loopholes, and cut billion-dollar subsidies for already-profitable corporations.

Protect Property Rights

The 4th Amendment to the US Constitution not only protects your right to privacy, it also protects your right to private property.

There is effectively no private property in the United States, because the government can confiscate practically any of it. Not only does eminent domain encroach on us, but property taxes occur with the underlying threat of having your property confiscated. Thousands of Americans lose their property in “tax sales” every year. This is unacceptable and un-American.

Civil Asset Forfeiture has similarly robbed many Americans of their property, without due process. I would vote to ban this activity.

Police Brutality

Like so many present problems, the problematic state of policing in America has been years, decades in the making.

“Prohibition” of alcohol was proven a failure in the 1920s. Despite overturning that, prohibitions of many other substances has continued, and it has unnecessarily set the police against all kinds of mostly peaceful people. No one is perfect. Some people prefer water, others like beer, and others whiskey. Some people enjoy marijuana, and still others psilocybin. Just over 100 years ago, opium was legal in America. Many people were addicted to it, so the government made it illegal. Now, many more people are addicted to opiate derivatives. The difference, is that many more people are dying as a result of these modern substances. Before, when people were using natural opium, people were not dying. I am not here to say “Go do drugs!” But I will say that people are going to put into their bodies whatever they want, and it is senseless and immoral to put these people into jails and prisons because they ingest a plant that grows naturally. For one, we cannot afford our present prison population! Statistics for how much we spend to keep people in prison are incredible. For two, convictions for “illegal possession” and all the other laws that no one can even keep track of, are ruining peoples lives, as people are almost always unable be employed after the convictions. This goes on to damage entire families and communities. The “war on drugs” wastes police officer’s time, as they are tasked to search for plants, while greater crimes, like murder and theft regularly go unsolved.

There are bad police officers too, those who take advantage of others, who kick them in the mouth while they are handcuffed, lying on the ground. And there are many other bad people outside of the police, who would treat people this way too. Good is that there are many, many more GOOD people in society, and in the police too. Kids do not dream of being in the police to hurt or abuse others; kids grow up to become cops because they want to be Superman! There are far more good people and good police officers than there are bad ones.

But there have been some flaws in system that have exacerbated the effects of a few rotten apples.

To uphold the integrity of the police is most important for a peaceful and safe society. People must be able to trust the police. When justice is denied, some people will revolt, but protestors do not have the right to commit more crime and harm other innocent people and their property. This only causes more stress and over-extension for the good cops.

When anyone commits a crime, justice must be upheld, and that is also and especially true for those people entrusted with the power to make laws (congress) and arrest people (police).

Qualified Immunity

…is the most pervasive policy that has prevented justice in courts. Fortunately, there is already a BILL introduced to congress that would end this. See: Justin Amash’s “Ending Qualified Immunity Act.” Click here to see it.

“No-knock raids are another bad policy that has killed so many innocent people. Fortunately, another BILL already introduced will ban these. See: Rand Paul’s “Justice for Breonna Taylor Act.” Click here to see it.

I would cosponsor both of these bills, but my opponent has not done either.


All barriers to adoption and bureaucratic policies that make it so expensive should be removed.

There are many people who want to adopt, and a fully functional framework of organizations to handle adoption needs in the United States, but it is so hindered by the government’s over-regulation. The worst part of all this regulation is that is makes the process so expensive and time consuming that many people turn to abortion instead of adoption.


I support a heart-beat law, which would legally recognize an unborn child’s right to life when it develops a beating heart. Currently acceptable medical standards consider a human to be alive when a pulse is detected. I think that this standard should be applied to unborn life as well. An unborn child’s heart begins beating between the 5th and 6th weeks of pregnancy. This is also marks the beginning of brain activity. There should be exception when there is a medical risk to the mother.

Unplanned Pregnancy

…is the root cause of abortion. Most all of the attention given to “abortion” ought to be given to unplanned pregnancy. Despite spending billions of dollars, the government has failed to teach responsible sexual education in public schools. There must be a greater emphasis on family, and community education that is less reliant on government. We must also recognize and eliminate bad government policies which have disparaged minority communities so much that family structures have been lost.

Social Security

…is actually social insecurity. Government is a miserable manager of funds, and socialism is cool, but not when the government makes you do it. “Social Insecurity” funds receive a HORRIBLE return on their investment. The average recipient of social security makes only $18,036 in benefits. This same amount invested in a 401k yields roughly $50,000. The poverty line for someone is only $12,760 which places the average social security receiver only $6,000 above the poverty line versus a private retirement giving someone $37,000 above the poverty line. Does $18,036 or $50,000 per year sounds like a sound retirement?


Any individual under the poverty line should receive of newly-minted money enough to afford basic amenities. This is better and more efficient than “government-housing” and “government-healthcare.” The government already “quantitatively eases” so much money all the time, instead of giving it to banks, it should give to real people. Ideally, money should be based on a standard, but since our money is just printed paper, it can inflate and lose value over time. If there were no inflation, then it would be a lot easier to retire and afford things throughout your life, but at the Federal Reserve’s target rate of 2-3%, the USD loses half of its value, every 27-35 years. This makes poverty more prevalent, and retirement much more difficult.