Libertarians can bridge the gap between “Left and Right,” “Liberal and Conservative.” My goal is to offer common sense solutions that will work for everyone, and a policy that Democrats and Republicans both will vote for.

My proposal contains two major reforms:

  1. Medicare for anyone who wants it
  2. Full deregulation of private healthcare

Note: If you have not already, please see my plan to Make America Healthy. This alone has the potential to cut over $2 trillion in annual healthcare costs, and in turn lower the cost of insurance. No healthcare plan is complete without first considering and fixing the root cause of our healthcare woes: preventable disease. According to the CDC, most Americans nowadays have at least one PREVENTABLE disease, and this is due to a very unhealthy diet that our government sponsors every year with billions of tax dollars. Until we fix this underlying cause, then we should expect to pay way too much for healthcare, no matter what kind of system we have.

CDC Reference Reference
Information about the “Farm Bill”

Now back to healthcare reforms…

  1. Medicare is here to stay, and most people agree that we should have a societal safety net. I believe that if we are to offer a service to anyone, then it is only fair to offer it to everyone. This safety net will provide a standard of care for everyone so that no one is left without an option, but “option” is a key word. Americans should have options. No one should be forced into any one system.
  2. Deregulating private healthcare will allow us to buy any type of insurance or healthcare that we want. Whether it be a national group policy, a policy for you and your friends, your entire extended family, or just you, whether you want comprehensive coverage, or only catastrophic coverage. You should be able to have it, and a free market will provide it.
    The “free market” receives a lot of criticism, but I ask people: “When have we ever seen or experienced a free market?” We have not, not in our lifetimes. The government has regulated healthcare to no end, for all of most of our lives. This is not freedom, or a free market, and this is why health insurance has gotten consistently more expensive. “Obamacare” expanded coverage to new people, that was good, but the travesty of the “ACA” was that it kicked many people off of their current healthcare policies, and it greatly increased the price of insurance, for almost everyone. My own family, we lost our insurance, thanks to Obama, and to this day, I do not have a policy, because the prices are simply unreasonable.

Deregulating the private market, will actually HELP Medicare, and lower prices for everyone.

Allowing anyone to enroll in Medicare will force private insurance providers to offer good prices, and quality care.

This combination of reforms will allow for the innovation we need to even further lower costs, and increase the quality and quantity of healthcare services offered to everyone.

Alia Sarfraz, Green Party candidate for Illinois House district 52, calls this model “Austrian Healthcare.”

Liberty, Justice, Peace, Prosperity, and Healthcare for all!