Can You win?

Parties are made of people. Roughly, about half of all people vote. That means about half of all people also do not vote. Of those who vote, about half votes D, and the other half votes R. So, if 50% of all the people do vote, then about 25% of people votes D, and 25% votes R… Imagine now: What happens if everyone decides to vote? Independents, Libertarians, Greens, Constitution Partyists, etc, they easily begin winning elections. Then, there will be real people (who are really outside of the establishment) able to speak for, represent, and affect policy for a much greater majority of all people.

While we can begin to win elections from Republicans and Democrats, we should remember that there are still some real people within those parties who do have real concerns: foreign and domestic terrorism, fair elections, pollution, government spying, government spending, debt, inflation, social security, never-ending war, healthcare, police brutality, and how we as a nation will care for those who have sacrificed life and limb fighting for us.

What is your political philosophy?

Morality in government affects monetary policy. This is why we almost never hear monetary policy discussed, especially on TV. Donald Trump once said that the Federal Reserve was our nation’s greatest enemy. Ron Paul even says to End the Fed. Ron and Don both oppose Fed policy, but is it for the same reasons?

Any way you slice our modern monetary pie, it is gross and hard to swallow. The 2 parties that have taken turns running our nation, now for over a CENTURY, they have consistently inflated the currency, increased the deficit, and left us in record debt. Even before Coronavirus, the present administration was signing budgets to spend more money than ever in history, even while government contractors ARE NOW STILL MAKING RECORD PROFITS OFF OF OUR TAX DOLLARS.

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