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Key Points:
  • Without spending a single federal tax dollar, We The People could defeat COVID-19.
  • The federal government spends $billions of your tax dollars every year to subsidize even the most unhealthy food industries.
  • Unhealthy diet, sponsored federally by over $100-billion-per-year, is a leading cause of disease in America, costing countless $trillions more in healthcare costs, bankrupting families and the whole nation. The end result is premature death. Consider this article at the National Institute of Health:
  • Physical stress over healthiness results in political stress over healthcare, and this threatens our freedom as people look to a notoriously rotten government for solutions.
  • Government can hardly solve our problems, but it often does make them a lot worse. We in the political sphere must undo what government has done to hurt America’s health. We may give some of the Farm Bill’s trillions of dollars back to the people so that they will have more money to buy healthy food. We should at least redirect 80% of those dollars towards fresh, local, natural, and healthy businesses.
  • Think Farmers’ Markets. Imagine now if farmers’ markets were as popular as McDonalds. Some people really enjoy those markets. I, personally love the crepes and blueberries. Imagine now if our government spent its massive resources promoting farmers’ markets instead of Junk food.
  • The keys to a healthier you, and a healthier America are literally in our hands!

Ask not what your country can do for you–ask what you can do for your country.”


The best thing that you can do for the United States might just be to take really good care of yourself and your family. You are what you eat, so we all have the power to decide: be healthy and wholesome, or be diseased and full of chemicals. Fortunately, there has been a recent spike in health-awareness, but there is still a LOT to be said, especially with regard to health in politics. Good health requires health care, and we have had a real explosion in healthcare costs.

A sure way to lower these costs is through reduced demand for procedures and medicine. This is where You and I come in.

Consider these studies from the National Institute of Health:

“1 in 3 American deaths is caused by Cardiovascular disease, but…

“For Hypertension, Coronary Heart Disease, and Stroke, there is evidence that increasing the consumption of vegetables and fruit reduces the risk of disease…

“Evidence that the risk of Cancer is inversely associated with the consumption of vegetables and fruit…

“Evidence that an increased consumption of vegetables and fruit may prevent body Weight Gain…

“Increased consumption of vegetables and fruit reduces the incidence of type 2 Diabetes…

“Evidence that consumption of vegetables and fruit lowers the risk of certain Eye Diseases, Dementia and the risk of Osteoporosis…

“Current data on Asthma, COPD, and Rheumatoid Arthritis indicate vegetable and fruit consumption may contribute to the prevention of these diseases.”

Here’s a study showing that men who consume the most fruits, berries, and vegetables, they cut their risk of cardiovascular disease in HALF.

Now for anyone who does not believe anything written on a .gov website, I do not blame you, and here are a few more studies published away from the National Institute of Health:

Eating a lifetime of fruits and vegetables cuts risk of Alzheimer’s by 50% to 75%.

Do you have headaches? That is probably inflammation in your brain. Chronic inflammation causes a slew of diseases, but fruit and vegetables cut it, says that AARP.

Ok, Preston, do you want to be a doctor or a politician?

What does this have to do with campaigning for Congress?

I want neither! I just want to fall in love, retire to a spacious mountain retreat, and farm blueberries for the rest of my life, but the world is burning. MOST Americans today suffer from at least one form of preventable disease.



America spends over $4 TRILLION on healthcare, every year. IMAGINE THE SAVINGS! Saving dollars, saving lives…

Click HERE to read how modern medicine is now learning about the effects of spinal misalignment on the functions of the immune and endocrine systems.

HERE is an article showing the profound effect that conscious breathing has on your nervous system.

The irony is, beyond superficial rhetoric, I am convinced that the two mainstream political camps are really two sides of the same coin–two wings of the same bird, and that bird is not a glorious eagle. It is a vulture, feasting on death. As the vulture grows, its wings cast a greater shadow over the public. We cannot even believe what is on cable news now for the insidious propaganda!

Realizing it or not, politicians in both the Democratic and Republican Parties, and Presidents including Clinton, Bush, Obama and now Trump have all voted for and signed legislation into law which gives $billions to large corporations that profit by providing the American people with cheap, trashy food, devoid of nutrients, and full of toxic chemicals. This is not crazy talk. It is our present reality!

Consider this study from the Heritage Foundation:

“Sugar Shakedown: How Politicians Conspire with the Sugar Lobby to Defraud America’s Families”

Did you know that the federal government spends $billions every year to subsidize the sugar industry? Sugar has been described as the “white death.” Cancer cells metabolize sugar at over 10 times the rate of normal body cells. Sugar causes systemic inflammation in your body. Sugar short circuits your natural metabolism, causing drug-like highs and depressing crashes. Sugar consumption might be the biggest cause of more than a third of Americans being over-weight and/or diabetic. The easiest way for Americans to lower the cost of insulin, without first taking back control of the government, is to lower demand for insulin, and we do that by making better choices for our own health.

The real kicker for Sugar in 2020:
Processed Sugar kills your immune system.

So why does the government spend billions to subsidize it?

Because the Sugar Industrial Complex.

Most everyone has heard of the Military Industrial Complex. There is the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex. There is a Sugar Complex too, and it spends money to keep Congress in line. Concerning Sugar subsidies, and other rotten subsidies which work to poison America, even President Trump stays in line, and virtually no one on either side of the fake news media wants to talk about it.

Did you know that there is a Political Action Committee named “Frozen Foods PAC” ? Literally… It gives money to elect both D and R politicians, and that tells me almost everything that I need to know.

Actually, sugar subsidies are only the tip of the iceberg, but I think it is a profound start, especially with its adverse effects on immunity in this time that a virus is ravaging our nation and threatening our entire economy.

There is only one way to defeat COVID-19: healthy immune systems.

We have seen tremendous loss of freedom since the beginning of this flu season. Never mind that most recent edicts have been blatantly unconstitutional. The Constitution is mostly never-minded across most of the government and society anyway, unfortunate because the American Constitution has arguably created the most widespread welfare the world has ever seen. Political minds argue today the meaning of the “welfare clause.” The whole Constitution IS the welfare clause!

We can be sure that the flu will return, and it will continue to evolve, like it always does. The weaker our immune systems are, the more of us who will become infected, leave the workforce, and even die. The ONLY solution going forward is to feed ourselves with good nutrition. If we do, then viruses will go mostly unnoticed, as COVID dies quickly, without symptoms, and is hardly contagious in most healthy individuals. But if we continue to hurt our immune systems, then pandemics will get worse, government will assume more control, and society will suffer.

Every societal problem is really many individual problems. No one is going to make you stop eating foods that are processed, filled with unnatural hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, and that have the nutrients cooked out of them. This idea that we will just develop a new vaccine for every viral strain that comes around is dangerous and short-sighted. Everyone must take it upon themselves to eat many fruits and vegetables, and then eat more and more, every single day! Then, we will live long, healthy, happy lives, and society will prosper.

Some people say: “I don’t have money to buy health food.”

Anyone who is able to buy fast food is also able to go to the grocery store, and stock up on blueberries, avocados, oatmeal, organic milk, and even the world’s most nutritious food item: hemp seeds!

But let’s talk more about governmental subsidies!

Actually, I don’t even need to say much more about them, because the Heritage Foundation already revealed a lot! My idea is to immediately cut about as much as 80% of them, and retain about the 20% that actually do benefit small and independent farms. See: “How Farm Subsidies Harm Taxpayers, Consumers, and Farmers, Too”